Issue 95 – June 2021


Company Spotlight: Peerfit


Funded by the Institute in 2015, Peerfit was the first flexible fitness platform built for corporate wellness. The company has since set out to disrupt a legacy industry where wellness programs were focused on reimbursement models to just one gym or other types of programming like smoking cessation and biometric screenings. The team at Peerfit believes that fitness and wellness should be accessible and enjoyable, empowering individuals to live healthy and active lifestyles. Through this mission, they have now moved beyond corporate wellness and into the senior fitness space, providing fitness benefits to Medicare plans and the growing senior population who is looking for innovative ways to stay active.

In this company spotlight edition, we are diving into the successful journey of this incredible company with their Chairman and CEO, Ed Buckley.
The full interview can be viewed here.

More information on Peerfit can be found here. 



 Florida Institute Funds Supply Wisdom in Sarasota

The Institute has finalized a funding agreement with Supply Wisdom, a company that is based in New York and Sarasota. Firms such as Supply Wisdom are great examples of innovative firms benefitting from the progressive business environment and talent availability in Florida. Supply Wisdom is transforming the supply chain and third-party risk management space globally. Supply Wisdom solutions automate risk management for enterprises and deliver continuous third-party and location risk intelligence, risk monitoring, and risk actions across the widest risk aperture to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business, supply chains, and third parties.

More information can be found here.


Panbela Set to Join Russell Microcap® Index


Panbela Therapeutics announced that they will join the Russell Microcap® Index at the conclusion of the 2021 Russell indexes annual reconstitution effective after the US market opens on June 28. Russell indexes are commonly used by investment managers and institutional investors for index funds when they benchmark their active investment strategies.
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